Arte Publica - Public Art

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Religious Art in Public Places
Most religious art are sculpture of Maria and Jesus put up on the wall of the houses. Only in case I have seen a painting above the door which shows Joseph, too.

'St. Georg kills the last dragon.' This is displayed at the last haouse of the hofgarten weg inside the park of the castle.

artificial church ruins in the park of the castle invite to meditate about the time and what will be left afterwards

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statue of maria with jesus at the corner of schirmgasse and Neustadt in Landshut
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pictureof maria with jesus the corner of steckengasse and Neustadt in Landshut
house with sculpture of maria and jesus in Altstadt of Landshut
sculpture of maria and jesus in Kirchgasse next to St.Martin church in Landshut
picture of maria and jesus at a house in Kirchgasse next to St.Martin church in Landshut
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yet another sculpture of maria and jesus in Kirchgasse in Landshut

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