Arte Publica - Public Art

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Abstract Art in Public Places
Most sculptures have to a bit more abstract, because the material does not allow to show all the details of the motive. The stone flower that you see below is an example for this kind of art. On the other end is the highly abstract art where the theme is hardly recognisable. Would you recognise the soccer player?
Durchblick The name of the sculpture is 'Durchblick' (look through) and it is in Landshut next to the playground on the castle's hill

Ring This big ring is several meter high and greets visitors who come to Landshut from the East near the city limit. The sculptur is next to the local jail.
war memorial Memorial for the soldier fallen in the war in Landshut
Ventil made out of concrete this sculpture was called Ventil and it was located near durchblick. Unfortunately it got removed in 2014
stone rose This stone rose is in the park on the castle hill near a outlook where you could see the whole panorama of landshut.
Diablo Disc in the garden of the sculptur museum in landshut in the kolping street
Soccer player These soccer player is also in the garden of the sculptur museum
Flower bouquet The Flower bouquet is located at the sculpture museum, too.



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