Arte Publica - Public Art

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Arte Publica - Art in Public Places

Public art is often sponsored by the community and supports usually local artists. Sometimes, for example in economically weak areas in portugal or Spain, it is even used to support the local economy at the whole . Of course, in large cities the public art it happens that the public art is supposed to be prestigous and therefore internationally famous artists are asked to created something. Unfortunately this contracted art often costs a lot and its gets the artists idea very seldomly across to the common public. Most art in public places are abstract sculptures, religious sculptures or decorative fountains. I have photographed several example for these different kind of art in public places around my hometown.

I will keep adding pieces of art in public places as new one are put up or when I travel There is also consideration that I should create a dedicated section of highly realistic art. Very detailed Sculptures of paintings that make a wall look like a landscape. What do you think. feedback would be appreciated. Happenings, like Flash mobs or disguising buildings, should be considered as art in public spaces as well. Unfortunately I have not seen it yet. If I will, I will add the pictures of it.

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